About Mission Alliance

Mission Alliance is an interdenominational diaconal mission organization

Mission Alliance is an interdenominational diaconal mission organization that consists of a broad alliance of individuals, groups, churches, external organizations, and international partners.

We fight poverty, promote justice, and we share faith.

We support projects in Asia, South America and Africa within areas as education, microfinance, inclusion, climate and church.

Mission Alliance supports comprehensive and diverse work in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Mission Alliance was established in 1901 and is now one of Norway’s largest mission organizations regarding international reach and overseas activities.

Mission Alliance’s identity and work is expressed through its name; Mission Alliance is a part of God’s worldwide church and we have a special calling to diaconia. Diaconia is not primarily an activity or a project related to church or mission work, but a lifestyle Jesus has chosen for his followers. Diaconal service is an expression of gratitude for God’s love to us. By practicing a diaconal lifestyle we build the kingdom of God in the present. We also believe that diaconal work gives hope and points ahead to when all suffering and injustice will end. Diaconia is a calling to serve the poor, the marginalized and the vulnerable in society, including children, people with disabilities, women and minorities. Our strategy is to build a strong alliance against injustice.

Vision: On earth as in heaven
Mission: Fostering dignity in an unjust world
Overall goals: Fight poverty. Promote justice. Share faith.

Key figures for 2018


Local communities received training and have improved their skills


Schools and kindergartens cooperating with Mission Alliance

75 754

Families with access to clean water

59 830

Members in savings and loaning groups


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