Our work

An income to live by

How we work

Mission Alliance collaborates with a wide network of organizations, groups and individuals to combat poverty in small and large local communities across South America, Africa, and Asia. We are allied against injustice.

Together, we create new opportunities by increasing the income of families, safeguarding children from violence and abuse and strengthening civil society.

Local partnerships are fundamental to drive change.

We work through local organizations and churches in the communities where people live. Mission Alliance provides advice, experience, and financial support. We support the local actors to continue the work independently.

Microfinance and financial inclusion

Mission Alliance provides financial and value creating resources to individuals, communities, banks and businesses. Together with them, we promote sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, dignified work for all and a lasting social impact. One important way of generating work and income is through loans, savings and other financial products.

This is partly provided through our microfinance operations, through our microfinance management company Alliance Micorfinance (AMAS).

The countries where we work

Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Liberia, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, China and The Philippines
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