Our work

The overall goals of Mission Alliance are fighting poverty, promoting justice and sharing faith.

In all we do, we aim to include vulnerable groups and find the positive role that value-based leadership can play in solving problems.

Inclusive education

How we work

Community Development

We strengthen local communities to be adaptable and inclusive communities. Where everyone has access to school and health services, and people work together to solve their problems.

As a Christian and diaconal organization, we believe it is important not only to anchor community development in development theory and practice, but also in Christian principles such as justice, human dignity and creation care. This leads us to focus on rights, participation, gender equality, disability inclusion and climate justice in the projects we support and to target poor and marginalized communities and vulnerable groups in society such as children, women, ethnic minorities and people with disabilities.

Work and Income

Mission Alliance provides financial and value creating resources to individuals, communities, banks and businesses. Together with them, we promote sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, dignified work for all and a lasting social impact.

One important way of generating work and income is through loans, savings and other financial products. This is provided through our microfinance operations at Alliance Micorfinance (AMAS).

Through our community development programs, we also work to enhance food security and income for poor families. Several of the Mission Alliance's partner countries have a very young population and generally high unemployment. It is crucial that youth and young adults receive employment and income. Mission Alliance will give particular priority to projects and initiatives that assist youth in the transition from education to income-generating work.

The countries where we work

Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, China and The Philippines
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