Our vision is on earth as in heaven and our mission is fostering dignity in an unjust world

Who we are

Mission Alliance is an interdenominational diaconal mission organization that consists of a broad alliance of individuals, groups, churches, external organizations and international partners. The organization supports comprehensive and diverse work in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Mission Alliance was established in 1901 and is now one of Norway’s largest mission organizations regarding international reach and overseas activities.

Mission Alliance’s identity and work is expressed through its name; Mission Alliance is a part of God’s worldwide church and we have a special calling to diaconia. Diaconia is not primarily an activity or a project related to church or mission work, but a lifestyle Jesus has chosen for his followers.

Diaconal service is an expression of gratitude for God’s love to us. By practicing a diaconal lifestyle we build the kingdom of God in the present. We also believe that diaconal work gives hope and points ahead to when all suffering and injustice will end. Diaconia is a calling to serve the poor, the marginalized and the vulnerable in society, including children, people with disabilities, women and minorities.

How we will achieve our mission in the strategy period

Community development:

We will build resilient and inclusive communities with the capacity to claim their rights, build effective and accountable organizations and sustain their own future.

Work and income:

We will provide financial and value-creating resources for individuals, communities, banks and businesses to promote sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, dignified work for all and a lasting social impact.

Mobilization for justice:

We will mobilize individuals, families, churches and other supporters to be change agents fighting poverty and promoting justice locally and internationally.

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